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Faculty and Staff

Balsam, William L. Geology 71-72 Vitae
Wheaton College
Brinckerhoff, Constance E. Microbiology 70-72 Dartmouth College
Correll, Steve Economics   Let's Talk Business"
David, Eric English 70-72 Staff
Dobler, Bruce English 69-73 Homepage
Douglas, John B. Art 1966 CV
Forakis, Peter Art 68-74 Left Coast Art
Galbraith, Peter Social Relations 75-78 U. S. Ambassador
Irving, John English   Books
Kunstadter, Geraldine Board of Trustees   Center for U.S. -
China Arts Exchange
Nelsen, Paul Theatre 71-76 Meet the Faculty
Nordstrom, Rebecca Dance   Prof. of Dance/Movement
Schor, Joseph Music   Violin, Conference Faculty
Tseng, Charles C. Biology   Faculty
Watts, Katheleen Heidi Education 74-77 Faculty Emerita
Wells, David Music   Music
Wessels, Thomas K. Biology 76-79 HomePage
Westing, Arthur H. Biology   Biography

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